Back Brace IWB Holster

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    Apr 9, 2006
    This is an idea I came up with while recovering frome lower back surgery. I couldn't wear a OWB or IWB because I couldn't cinch my belt up tight enough. But I was wearing, still am, one of those black belt braces with suspenders. It has 2 pieces of elastic that cross over each other from the back to the front on either side. I laid the thing out and figured out where I wanted my full size 1911 to fit, with a slight cant right behind my right hip, traced a line around it with chalk and had a lady sew along those lines. Put the brace on and my pistol in the slot she had made. fiddled with my pants and voila! The grip sticks out just over the top of the pants. Tried drawing it a few times and it works. Hard to re-holster though. Holds the gun real close to the body. Later I tried it over a regular IWB and a OWB, again it holds the gun real close to the body and is a little easier to re-holster. I don't have to pull my belt as tight because the brace supports the weight of the gun. sometimes I still use the brace as my only holster, sometimes I just put it on over a IWB under my pants, and sometimes I put it over my pants with an OWB holster, that makes it hard to get to your pocket though which is not a big problem in winter coat pockets. Any way I use it holds my gun close to the body and helps keep it from imprinting.
    Hope this helps some that have to wear a brace. :)