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    I NEED a staked Front sight for a Nazi Marked Hi-Power, want to say that before I tell about the guns show. IF ANYONE knows where I can get one PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE tell me!!!!!
    Well went to the gun show today. $6 to park, $12 to get in, $5 for a front sight that I THOUGHT would work on my Hi-power but alas wrong one, and ALMOST got a $250 ticket!!!! I was TOLD to park in a spot reserved for handicaped which I have the tag for BUT it was not a parking place but at the end of a row. Well when I came out a LEO was ticketing ALL who were parked there, a $250 ticket for obstruction of a right a way. He had just given a man a ticket and than man was chewing the LEo a new a******! The officer asked to see my Dl, regist., and Insurance card which I showed him all the time the otehr man was ranting on. Well the otehr man FINALLY left a cussing and hollering that it was a money scam. The Officer looked at me and asked if I wanted to get it off my chest to which I said no, I was wrong, the security guys pointed me there but I should have known it was too good to be true so now my turn to pay the piper. He laughed and asked if I was heading home to which I said yes after you give me my ticket. He gave me my stuff back, told me to go on and forget about the ticket since he had 3 more to write! I thanked him, shook his hand, and bid him a good afternoon. I left with no ticket and was very pleasently pleased. Called my wife and she called me a luckey SOB! She said I could talk my way out of any kind of ticket just by NOT saying anything. She gets one no matter what.

    As to the show, way too high a stuff and no money really floating around. Did see ammo I have not seen in a couple of years thouggh, there were 12 ammo venders there. Could have gotten your grips Charlie for $25 but you said you had a set. I ended up with a $5 front sight that will not fit and out $18 to get in and park plus my gaas for the 100 mile one way trip. ONLY person making money at gun shows are the promoters.
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    That is a pretty high admission price.Glad you got out of your ticket tho.

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