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bad brass

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Just wondering what everyone is getting for old/bad brass that you have saved. I haven't called the metal shop yet to see what they are paying here. I have access to the local PD range and if the brass lands in the gravel they just leave it. Went out yesterday and picked up about 3lbs of it and I barely made a dent in what is out there. Mainly 40's and 223 brass so it should add up fast.
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When I checked last week, the local place was at $1.54# they are usually on the low end.
The last I sold for scrap brought 1.86 per pound. That was a couple of months ago.
If it is in good shape, consider selling it by the 100 to people realoading. You should be able to get a better price than scrap, I would think. A little bit of sorting may make you some extra money.
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