Bad dude warning!

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    Reply Bad dude warning!
    There is a guy dealing on the net that is ripping people off and the world is pissed at him.

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    Thanks for the heads-up Shooter22, after reading some of the posts, I was expecting MickMRM as 1 of his aliases.
    If what is posted there is ligit... the BATF is closing in on the scum-bag!
    I'd like to see BG kick him in the ass with his good foot!

    On another note...

    I've noticed recently a lot of activity on AA where in a auction, the seller and bidders neither have feedback. It makes me suspicious, especially when I email the seller and don't get a response.
    A specific auction seller "smallarms"... had 5-6 auctions, numerous bids on all... but only a couple bidders had feedback. All the auctions closed "No reserves met"... and NO Response from the seller. POOF....he's gone!

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    Re: Bad dude warning!
    shooter22, thanks for the heads-up. That is one bad dude.

    ZigZag2, I've noticed the same thing. I've now made it a rule not to bid on anything unless the seller has a good feedback rating.

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