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(7/9/01 11:19:10 am)
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Has anyone had the misfortune to deal with a 'Matthew Lilly' in Ohio that wants you to send $$ by WU? I am not going to say what I was bidding on as I should have known better. This was on the Guns for Sale site and Louis Murphy that runs the site was real helpful in getting this guy ousted and sending me info on who to contact in Ohio. Luckily I paid with my CC and they got WU to credit my account even though WU could have said that they delivered the money legitimately. Lucky break!! The weird thing was that this guy used an e-mail address that ended in (@ Kind of fishy to me

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(7/9/01 11:57:01 am)
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ZD, don`t know where I saw it...but I did see someone else who had had a problem simular to yours. Don`t know that it was the same seller, but the site is the same and the was also the same.......I may be mistaken, but I believe it was "nunn" on Brand X. LTS

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(7/9/01 5:58:50 pm)
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I have not found anyone that recognizes this name, but I have seen similiar scams posted. I learned my lesson though and it didn't cost me anything out of sheer luck.
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