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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pabooger, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Pabooger

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    Apr 21, 2004
    Northwestern, Penna.
    Received this awhile back from JUJU, Ma thought you might like it!!

    It’s been sometime since she’s been gone
    It happened unexpectedly
    I buried her out in the backyard
    It’s a place she loved to be

    Some people cast me funny looks
    As I regal her tale
    It was just a dog they say to me
    I just smile and say “Oh Well”

    For you see she was oh so much more
    Than “just a dog” to me
    She was a friend, a confidante
    And more that some can’t see

    She was always there to greet me
    Always standing by the door
    Her tail was just a wagging
    Swirling dust around the floor

    Her head held high and ears perked up
    A seeming smile upon her face
    Yes I know that dogs can’t smile
    But it looked so that time and place

    She would lie upon the floor
    And always at my feet
    If I got up then she did too
    Sort of a doggie meet and greet

    She would sit in the passenger seat
    Of my old Mazda truck
    She rode that way when her time came
    Man, did that day really suck

    I remember her as a puppy
    I got her from the pound
    Looked like a little hairball
    With 4 little feet upon the ground

    I took her and home and turned her loose
    Let her find her way around
    She jumped right on my brand new couch
    And promptly laid right down

    She looked at me as if to say
    I think I’ll like this place
    When I bent over to remove her
    She licked me in the face

    I let her in the backyard
    Not large but fenced around
    I don’t think she had ever been outside
    As she just stood without a sound

    But not for long as I was soon to see
    She took off like missile
    Running around and marking trees
    Yet came back when I did whistle

    If I was working late at night
    Or home during the day
    She always knew when it was quitting time
    For that’s when she would want to play

    Tug of war with an old sock
    Or fetch with a tennis ball
    Me chasing her or her chasing me
    She loved to play them all

    If I got upset or worried some bout work or life et all,
    She always knew some how, some way
    Next thing I know she’s next to me
    Wagging her tail as if to say, “Its ok”

    She lived with me or I with her
    For 13 years almost to the day
    A finer friend or more loved one
    Has never come my way

    She had a good life, at least I hope
    Went everywhere with me
    The mountains, snow and deserts
    Even swam in both our Seas

    Got to fly on airplanes
    She went camping with me too
    She drove cross country not once but twice
    Not something all dogs get to do

    She always was an indoor dog
    Even had her own special bed
    But across my lap was the favorite place
    She liked to lay her head

    We had a bond people cannot share
    A trust that was complete
    I miss her so when I look down
    And she’s not lying at my feet

    It started oh so innocently
    Just another trip down to the vet
    I remember it was raining then
    And we both got soaking wet

    She had never shown discomfort
    Or any other reasons to worry at all
    So when the vet said “We need to talk”
    You could have heard a pin fall

    He said your dog has cancer
    There is nothing we can do
    I asked how long does my friend have
    A few weeks, a month, or maybe more, it’s really up to you

    I took her home, I don’t know how
    As I could not see through my tears
    As usual she lay at my feet
    As I reflected on our years

    I spent a fortune on medicine
    Which I gave her every day
    Then when I went to bed each night
    I tried not to let her hear me pray

    The vet said that I would know
    And it turns out he was right
    Perhaps I waited a little too long
    But I just wanted one more night

    One more day to have her there
    Just lying on the floor
    Or another drive in my old truck
    Another day, Please just one more

    I awoke one morning
    To find her fast asleep
    Not even the inducement of a ride
    Could get her on her feet

    She looked at me with those big dark eyes
    As if to say my time as come
    She licked my hand as I reached down
    I think it meant, “Don’t worry, it’s been fun”

    I picked her up as she could not walk
    And put her next to me
    One last ride we got to take
    That’s how it had to be

    I placed her on the table
    In the Vets office that day
    She placed her head upon my lap
    And quietly passed away

    I sat there with her for some time
    Just he and I alone
    I thought of what I had just lost
    My heart breaking as we went home

    I put her on the couch
    That she had claimed on that first day
    I prepared her final resting place
    Where for eternity she would stay

    I didn’t mark the spot
    There is no need you see
    For you see I will always know
    Where I buried my Baby

    So now I look at pictures
    And reminisce through the tears
    I smile sometimes, can’t help it
    As I think about the years

    Yes we had a good run
    Not long enough for me
    But I know that I was fortunate
    To have had a dog like my Baby

    For a dog so unlike people
    Loves you unconditionally
    They are always glad to see you
    And react so cheerfully

    Does not matter if you are rich or poor
    Or fat and ugly too
    Big fancy house or Trailer park
    A dog loves you just for you

    Some folks drink booze or take Valium
    To help them forge ahead
    The best medicine I have ever had
    Is to pet a good dogs head

    I know my baby’s somewhere
    That right now I cannot be
    I know that she is waiting
    And someday will greet me

    Until that day it comes for me
    That day I meet my end
    I know god has a special place
    For those we mortals call Mans best Friend

    I miss my Baby; it’s been 2 years
    Best damn dog a man could ever have

    JuJu(crying this evening)
  2. bang250

    bang250 New Member

    Jan 10, 2005
    East central Illinois
    Hard to read through the clouded eyes,, but thank you. Very nice poem

    Rich (the very,very sad)

  3. HappyNanoq

    HappyNanoq New Member

    Aug 24, 2004
    Lives in the northern Jutland, which is where I gr
    I'm a swimmin' here too....

    Read it before.. it's good stuff.
  4. jjmitchell60

    jjmitchell60 Active Member

    May 10, 2004
    Raised in Buzzard Roost near Frog Town in hillls o
    Yep, me too!

    As I read it I had a paw scratch me so I could reach down and pet my blue healer who is at my feet where she is many a night as I browse the net. She got some extra petting tonight!
  5. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    Mar 27, 2003
    At SouthernMoss' side forever!
    Good reading, Pa.


    :) :)
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