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    Us "old Vets" have more than a few.
    Winters coming; some of us go into hybrination here up north; so I thought sharing a story or two among us; and with the younger crowd; would be a good thing.

    Cannes; France
    The French Riviera

    A group of us swabies were on liberty in this town; checking out the sights and looking for "loose" women.
    Going from bar to bar; getting drunker; but no score to speak of.

    It was now dark; pretty soon it would be time to get back to the carrier (Cinderella Liberty).
    Stumbling down the dark streets in our Quest; we came upon a doorway softly illuminated by the glow of red lights.


    We opened up the door and were confronted by a dimly lit narrow stairwell leading up to the sound of music and laughter; so we went up.
    The smell of beer was in our nostrills.
    Climbing the stairs; I noticed that the walls on either side were lined with framed photgraphs of cute young things in provocative poses and outfits.

    As it were; one of us; a guy named Harlin from the hills of Kentucky; stopped climbing and became transfixed on a particular photo; he held us all up.
    Down the stairs comes this little Frenchman. As he tries to squeeze past us; he says to Harlin with a lisp; "That's me!"

    We bailed out of that stairwell like we were ejected out of a F4 at Mach 2...
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    What's that expression the navy has for such circumstances....DRY RUN, STRIKE OUT, NO-NOOKIE.....The troops come back off liberty and many with tales that will curl the locks of the listeners, when in fact, the major portion of the on-the-beach adventures worked like yours did. When I was still a teen-aged navy man, hitching rides back to the base from liberty in LA, Santa Monica, or Hollywood, the Pacific Coast Highway up thru the beach colony of Malibu was awash with those Knights of the Night...Get back in the barracks and spin some yarns about a Beach Bunny from Malibu lusting to get into your bell-bottomed trousers, coats of navy blue.....Chief

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