Barbarians Have Taken The Hill

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    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    The Brady Bunch is already licking their collective lips in
    anticipation of the new Congress being seated. Visit the Brady
    Campaign's website and you will see talk of a "momentum
    shift" in our
    nation's capital that will "make it hard for the gun lobby to weaken
    gun laws and creates opportunities for passage of common sense [sic]
    gun proposals."

    Indeed, the attack has already begun.


    Earlier this month, the Brady Campaign asked the Federal Election
    Commission to investigate GOA's practice of posting its candidate
    ratings on the Internet. Millions of gun owners rely on these
    ratings, and that is something the Brady Bunch would like to halt.

    In 2002, the Bradys rejoiced when Congress passed the Incumbent
    Protect Act, stating that "now the gun lobby's stranglehold on
    Congress will be broken." Indeed, they want to make it illegal for
    GOA to tell gun owners what their legislators are actually doing.

    But it should not surprise anyone that a group which doesn't
    understand the Second Amendment does not understand First Amendment
    freedoms as well.

    Realize that we are going to need your help more than ever in 2007.
    Because of this recent Brady assault, we could be looking at a very
    costly court battle that could eventually go all the way to the
    Supreme Court.

    Gun Owners is not going to back down, however, from the Brady
    Campaign's intimidation tactics. We realize that these candidate
    ratings are extremely important, for they force your legislators to
    stay in the light.

    But the Brady Bunch wants to keep you in the dark! They don't want
    you to know the truth. The more they can hide what anti-gun
    legislators are doing, the greater their ability to take away your

    Oh sure, they say they just want to take guns out of the "wrong
    hands." Yeah right. If that were true, then why don't they support
    legislation to repeal the DC gun ban?

    The answer is obvious, they support the DC gun ban, and they want to
    export it to the rest of the country. Do you remember them joining
    with us to work for the DC gun ban's repeal? Of course not! Do you
    remember seeing them on our amicus brief to strike down the recent
    San Francisco handgun ban? No way! They support gun bans, despite
    all their claims for only supporting "common sense" gun

    For them, "common sense" gun control means that only the police and
    the military have free access to guns... just like in England.


    Well, GOA is going to stand in their way, even if it means that we
    have to fight a lone battle for gun owners, as we did earlier this
    year when we were the ONLY gun group in Washington opposing the
    McCarthy gun grab.

    Even now, there is still work to be done. GOA helped Sen. George
    Allen (R-VA) draft legislation to repeal the gun ban in national
    parks. (Two other Virginia groups -- Virginia Gun Owners and VCDL --
    did a lot of heavy lifting on this issue as well.) There is little time
    left for this legislation to pass, so gun owners should call Senate
    Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) at 202-224-3344 (or fax him at
    202-228-1264) and ask him to fast track the Allen bill (S. 4057).


    But the real challenge to our gun rights is that we will have to
    spend a good bit of the next two years fighting defensive battles, as
    we will see the following types of legislation:

    * Bans on ammunition

    * Expansion of the Brady data base to include the names of countless,
    law-abiding gun owners

    * A re-authorization of the semi-auto gun ban (a ban which President
    Bush is on record as supporting!)

    * A prohibition on gun shows

    * A gun ban that will prohibit any handgun from being sold which can
    not be "personalized" -- thus preventing loved ones from using a
    spouse's firearm in an emergency.

    All of these ideas were introduced by Democrat congressmen this past
    year. With their new majority, you can expect these bills -- and
    others -- to start moving quickly.


    Because of your efforts, GOA was able to single-handedly kill the
    Brady expansion this year. The bill was introduced by Rep. Carolyn
    McCarthy (D-NY) and was expected to pass easily. It was considered
    to be "non-controversial" because pro-gun lobbyists in Washington
    were telling legislators they could vote for the bill.

    But congressmen didn't hear that from Gun Owners. You can read the
    details in our upcoming newsletter, to find out just how we fought
    the lone battle to kill this pernicious piece of legislation.

    The December issue of The Gun Owners will encourage those of you who
    are already receiving our newsletter. However, you should realize
    that the attacks on our gun rights are about to escalate, as a result
    of the new Congress that was just elected.

    With only GOA opposing this insidious gun grab, it is going to be a
    lot harder to stop in the new Congress.


    As you can see, GOA is going to need a huge war chest over the next
    two years, if we are going to stay in the fight and protect your
    Second Amendment rights -- as well as GOA's ability to keep you and
    the public informed.

    The FEC court battle alone could cost thousands upon thousands of
    dollars. In real terms, we could be fighting battles at every level
    of the federal government -- in the legislative, judicial and
    executive branches. (Don't think for a moment that President Bush --
    who is himself a supporter of the semi-auto gun ban -- is going to
    lift a finger to help us.)

    We look forward to the fight, but we can't fight these battles
    without YOU. Our members are our strength. It is because of you
    that one legislative office told us this year: "Oh s--t! We got a
    lot of postcards and e-mails from GOA members."

    That answer right there explains why the McCarthy gun grab is dead
    for the year! It is because of your hard work.

    So will you continue to stand with us?

    Please say that you will by going to and signing up or renewing
    your membership. A $20 membership with Gun Owners of America is the
    best bargain in town. For a mere nickel a day, you will be helping
    to preserve your gun rights for future generations.
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    We AMUST NOT let our guard down.

    Now is the time for evermore vigilance.
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