Barnes X bullets

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    I would like to read your experiences with the Barnes X bullets and their performance. I think I would like to try them in my Tweed (Turkish 1903 action and Swedish Mauser barrel). I am looking at 120 to 140 gr bullet weight. Any thoughts?

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    Don't like their solid copper "X" bullets - too long a body, increased drag and friction down the bore, hard as the hubs of Hell, therefore, don't upset (obturate) into the rifling well, and I can't get any accuracy out of them compared to the regular jacketed lead bullets. 'sides - they're expensive!
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    Re: Barnes X bullets
    Arkie 55, I have used the Barnes 130 gr. X bullet in my 6.5x55 and as Kdub01 has stated they do not "slug up" (obturate) in the bore like the lead core bullets do. My Swede has a Groove diameter of .266" and of course the bullets measure .264". I still get less than 2 inch groups,which is as good as most factory rifles. In a tighter fitting barrel these bulets can give superb results! With Nosler Partition bullets my Swede will shoot around 1'' groups (125gr.)
    The Barnes X is tougher to shove down the barrel. For comparison, I load 42 gr.-4350 behind the 130 gr. X bullet (max loadin my gun) and I found that this is the max load that I can use with the 140 gr. Nosler Partition. To me this indicates that the X bullet is harder to drive down the bore. The X bullet is as long as the 140 Nosler so the bearing surface is about the same and maybe this is why they require equal powder charge weights. At any rate , I believe that the X bullet is the ultimate bullet design for any rifle for big game, it simply won't fail!! In most guns they will fit the bore good enough that I wouldn't worry about gas cutting. Use them for hunting and use the conventional bullets for target shooting / plinking.

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    I have a friend who spent several years in Zimbabwe, and just recently left because of the political situation.

    While there he killed over 4,000 head of big game of various types. Most was at the request of farmers and ranchers in culling game. He concluded that no bullet made equals the Barnes X. Yes, it does require more attention to the bore cleaning, but he didn't think that was a big deal compared with its performance.
    He once liked the Nosler partition, but the new one is not equal to the old bullet in his opinion.

    He was able to go to a smaller caliber, and lighter weight bullets to get the same or better performance. He made every attempt to recover the bullets and examine the wounds.

    He has written articles about his experience. Most have been in foreign magazines.

    If he thinks they are the best of anything made, and he has tried them all I believe, that is good enough for me.


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    from what I've heard they are not very accurate.the partition type rounds are better.

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    Have used them on elk and deer in my .338-06. Cant say as they or more accurate than partitions or not. Cannot detect any major difference in accuracy. I do like their performance...when it hits the does as advertised.
    I used 140 gr nosler partitions this year in my swede...putting out at about 2500 fps. Shot through the length of a big Minnesota whitetail, bullet was not recovered. If you have partitions for your swede already, no harm in keeping them.
    Both partitions and "X" are getting up there in cost. I wait for sales and closeouts. I picked up 7 boxes of Nosler partitions a couple years ago at a closeout for six bucks a box. I bought all they had. Will probably be shooting partitions for a while longer. Dont think that you can go too wrong with either one. swede
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