Barrel length

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    I am looking at a Bushmaster with A3 sights. Most competition shooting will be at 100 yards, although my range has a 300 yard target not used in club shoots.

    In stock he has a 20" barrel model. He says at 100 yards, there will not be a great difference
    in accuracy. He said at longer ranges 300 to 600 yards, is where the difference is noticable.
    Price is relitively same for different lenghts. I do not plan on installing optical sights now, but in 12 months, who knows.

    If I need to order my Bushy, what protective finish would you suggest and why?

    Opinions please.

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    Whats wrong with the factory finish? and if you are even remotely thinking of shooting 300+ yards....get the 24", the added weight at the muzzle really more ways than not. You can also pick up a stripped upper and do it either way....20 to 24....or 24 to 20. LTS
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    See: Bushmaster Barrel Length topic.
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