Barrel Lengths

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    I was curious... If you have lets say a 3 1/2 inch barrel would that be worse to shoot than if you had a longer barrel such as a 4 inch barrel? What would having a longer or shorter barrel do for you? Also the lighter the pistol the heavier the recoil? Just a couple of pistol questions that I wanted to know about
    Thanks for the help guys

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    Longer bbl gives you a longer sight radius. The longer the sight radius the easier it is to shoot more accurately, all other things being the same.

    A lighter gun will recoil more, given everything else is the same.
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    I think also the loads that might be fired from a lighter pistol
    will also make a difference in recoil,maybe barrel length also.I
    do know at one time I had a Dan Wesson 44 mag heavy barrel.
    I shot a lot of ammo with it and it wasn't bad.Then I installed
    a 10" heavy underlug barrel and it was like shooting a sorta of
    250 45 long colt.It sure got heavy holding it though.The other
    barrel was an 8".Gun was