Barry O'Drama: "You Can Kill Americans With Impunity"

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    No retribution! No retaliation! No visible action by the US against those who murdered four Americans!

    "Now, maybe there's something the administration has in the works, one of the rare national security secrets they've been able to keep. But the signal in the Middle East and beyond is, you can kill Americans with impunity. And that is a lesson, once learned, it's going to cause consequences that reverberate down the years. I think people are kidding themselves if they think this is a flash in the pan. There's just too much involved here, and the administration's passivity before, during and after the September the 11th attack, and frankly, the passivity that they've displayed once the Petraeus-Broadwell affair was uncovered, is just inexplicable. And until we fully understand, as a nation, what happened on September the 11th, we can't possibly take adequate steps or formulate policies to protect Americans who might be at risk. I have never seen this as political, but the notion that you can passively wait for an internal State Department review board or passively wait for an investigation that the CIA director may be compromised to play out over weeks and months ... it just doesn't hold water. These are issues that effective leadership, real management in the executive branch, addresses immediately to prevent further tragedies or further loss of classified information." - John Bolton, Former UN Ambassador
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    Remember this line from "Shooter"? ; "I guess the Gunny didn't think he was expendable." ;)

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    that is a great movie