Basic Training M-1 vs M-16

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    I too did basic at Ft. Leonard Wood with the M 14 in 1965. Got my invitation from LBJ a week after graduation at Georgia. I wasn't issued an M 16 until 1967 with 17th Arty.
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    Had basic at Ft Polk in June and July of 68, with M14s. The High School I went to in Casper, WY had ROTC, we learned all about the M1, including field stripping blindfolded. I soon discovered how similar the M14 is to the M1. While in class to strip the M14 I wasn't paying as close attention to the instructor as I should have been so he "asked" me to field strip then re-assemble the weapon. No problem. With the detachable mag the M14 is much easier than the M1. Well, he wasn't impressed. "DROP AND GIVE ME 20"

    Only a few in my company got any time with the M16 (me not icluded) so the rumor was those that did had but one destination.....Vietnam.

    I received RVN training at Fort Dix, NJ. Fired a whopping 10 rounds of 5.56. I was paired with a 2nd Lt for qualification, we both had perfect scores. :D

    An M16 was my constant companion in VN. I also had a 1911 that I "leased." These leased models were past on from guys leaving to the FNGs. The going rate was $25-35.

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    That is so funny, I was there at the end of the war when most of the ground-pounders were being sent home and you could have your pick of almost anythng you could imagine for practically nothing. I was CAV., so as you can imagine they were pretty lax about personal weapons. There were some very creative designs and types of weapons being carted around by our flyboys. One guy I especially remember had a couple M2 carbines chopped down into pistols and had them slung into a double leather holster set-up. Very comical, but it went with the Cav. hat. I stayed with the CAR-15 & Colt .45 Auto., they worked just fine for me.
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    I took basic at ft. leonard wood from may 61 to july 61 and we had the M1. Then to Ft Knox for armor, then to Ft Hood 2nd armored division, where in mid 1962 they gave us M14's to familiarize with it, if I remember right we only went to the range one day to shoot it, no qualification, I do remember most of us didnt like it, felt like a toy. As tank crewman, we only carried the 1911 and M2 grease gun the M1 was a little too big to wield in a tank. I've noticed on the web where you can get year books from your basic training, does anyone know how often they published them. Did they publish them after each graduation or what?
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    -I went through basic training at Ft. Gordon, GA, in the summer of 1963. We used the M-1 and qualfied using the standard course of fire out to 600 yards.
    -We had a one hour block of instruction on the M-14 and were told not to worry about it because we would probably never see one again.
    -A few months later I was in RVN carrying an M-14 but never qualified until after my tour was up and I went to Ft Dix. I think the max range was 300 meters. I never saw an M-16 during my first tour but we did have Colt marked AR-15s with "Property of US Government" stamped on them. They had the funny brownish furniture.
    -We had M-14s and M-16s on my second tour but, again, no qualification. I finally qualified with the M-16 years later in the Reserves on that stupid 25 meter target.
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