Bauska BBK-02 Large Magnum Rifle Action

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    What is the monetary value of this large magnum rifle action ?

    Here is some general background information on the brand and model of action plus the company that produced it.

    The action is a new in the box Bauska BBK-02 Large Magnum Rifle Action. Information on the internet has been very limited. Here is what I received so far from other forum members on other firearms forums.

    Quote: These receivers were very probably the finest bargain in the world of custom rifles. They were a little rough but with some efforts, a Classic Mauser Safari style rifle could be produced. End Quote

    This is from a press release:

    It is with some regret that I received word from Olympic Arms President Robert C. Schuetz that the magnum bolt actions marketed from Olympic Arms as the BBK or Ultramag Action will no longer be produced.

    Olympic Arms purchased the tooling to produce these actions from a Montana resident named Jack Bauska back in the late 1980's. The actions are large frame Mauser style actions for Safari size cartridges like the 375 H&H and larger. With a box magazine length of 3.85" and a collar size to match, these actions were some of the strongest bolt action receivers ever made (investment cast), and could handle anything up to and including the .505 Gibbs cartridge.

    Last manufactured in 2002 (?) with an upgraded 3 position Winchester style safety and Timney triggers, the Ultramag actions, still often referred to as the Bauska, or BBK action by many, were highly sought after actions for custom rifle manufacturers around the world. Standing orders existed for the Gibbs Rifle Company as well as the smashingly famous Holland & Holland Rifle Company.

    Troubles with production existed from the get-go on the production of these actions. As the tooling was Korean made, and parts were less than 100% interchangeable between actions, there was some dislike for the Ultramags, but when properly finished and assembled, made a rifle, I dare say, second to none. Tooling wore out quickly once brought to the US for their last production run, and only a few hundred were actually totally manufactured in the USA by Olympic before the tooling just simply wore out and needed a major overhaul to continue production.

    Well that major overhaul, turned into a complete replacement with new tooling top to bottom. This, considered next to the growing demand for AR15's in general (the Olympic Arms mainstay), and the continuing successes in gaining market share for Olympic Arms brand name in civilian, LE and governmental circles, the time and engineering needed to continue the Ultramag action continued to be pushed back, until today that is, when production was officially cancelled.

    While Mr. Schuetz refused to say "Never again", he did say that the reappearance of the BBK was "highly unlikely", and "definitely not" in the foreseeable future.

    Gut feeling: You'll never again see the BBK/Ultramag actions. If Oly ever puts out another bolt action, it will be on a billet action designed by company VP Brian Schuetz who has tabled this thought in the past.

    For anyone interested in reading up on the BBK action to acquire more information the previous owner of this action provided this additional information and book reference: Made in Korea for Bauska Arms of Montana. Double square bridge, Model 70 type safety, etc. If you have access to Tom Turpin's book "Modern Custom Guns" from Kraus Press, see pages 42,43,44 for explanation and pictures and page 23 for 3 excellent examples of custom rifles built on this action. End

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