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Dozens of protestors carrying guns and signs stood outside the Arizona State Capitol Saturday, 16 Febryary 2013 in support of their Second Amendment rights.

By all accounts, it was a peaceful protest. The rally ended at 2 p.m.

There were people speaking on the Constitution and tables where people could have questions answered.

Both young and old, men and women, showed up carrying guns.

There were big guns and even pink guns.

At high noon Saturday, dozens converged outside the Arizona Capitol to rally.

Most were there in support of the Second Amendment, protesting any efforts by the federal government to ban certain types of guns and ammo.

"This is my right and regardless of what the government does the bad guys will still get the weapons and the good guys are going to be defenseless," said Tiffany Hills, an independent.

"Keeping guns out of law abiding citizens doesn't do anything to decrease crime or deter crime at all," said Jeff Tompkins, a gun owner.

"It's important for the people to have their own arms when the government gets out of control, and they're not far from that now," said Clair Van Steenwyk, political host and commentator.

Signs read "Pro Gun," "Anti-Obama" and "Impeach Obama."

While many were there to support the Second Amendment, others stood at the Capitol to voice their opposition to President Obama in general.

"Obamacare is wrong. You just name it and it's, you know," said Freda Cunningham.

Van Steenwyk says people taking time out of their weekend to march on the capitol should send a message to all lawmakers.

"This is important. Just as the grass roots citizens, it's not an organization, it's not a Tea Party movement, it's not a Pachyderm or some other movement, it's the voters, the American citizens standing up to their government," said Van Steenwyk.

A similar rally was held in Denver, where 22 people showed up.

The president was in Illinois on Friday, speaking on gun control.

He said he realizes not everyone agrees with every issue, but said the proposals deserve a vote in congress.

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He said he realizes not everyone agrees with every issue, but said the proposals deserve a vote in congress.
His proposals are being voted on in the streets and the bullet box. I guess he figures that doesn't count. If he doesn't pay attention people may start counting those ballots.
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