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    Donna's post on the USS Teddy Roosevelt and the Naval Battle Group it is assosciated with brought back memories of the Nam.

    Most often our air support was with Huey ARA Gunships but I remember seeing and hearing the F-4 Phantom's, F-100's streaking over and delivering HE's and a few times napalm and the aftermath. We also had to go out and do 'assessments' after an Arc Lite. Tremendous damage!!!

    My point is, that I can hardly imagine the amount of damage an entire Naval Battle Group can bring to bear with the amount of fire power they have at their disposal. That aircraft carrier alone with the weaponry they have to what we had in the Nam is like a stick of dynamite to a m-80.

    Would hate to be on the receiving end of that.
    Needed to add this however...I hope every last one of them that have anything to do with terrorism do get the receiving end of it all...and then some.

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    Homer, I'm right with you on that.....our carriers and accompanying battle groups are loaded with tremendous fire power.

    And we don't have to spend a whole lotta time worrying about the Taliban's naval forces messing with them....too bad there isn't a canal leading right into Kabul. I don't think bin laden has spent any of his millions of sand dollars on submarines, so it would be easy sailing....
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