Being over prepared

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    I admit the title is a little misleading. Please allow me some leeway. I was lucky enough to take a school in the army that was extraordinarily grueling and very tactically academic among other things. On the first day of one of our phases the civilian instructor said, " one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is being over prepared and outside their depth". This translates to don't let your mind write a check your actions can't cash or never believe you're better than you are. It is within most people to see their skill set as better than reality, this is why there are so many experts at every gun shop, dojo, flower shop and pet store in the world. His words have always stayed with me not in a way that makes me doubt myself negatively. Rather in a way that makes me push harder, train harder, go further and strive to be faster all the while respecting my limits. It is easy to sit behind a keyboard and talk about your limits as if you have none. It's even easy to show people your super secret ninja squirrel skills, as long as they don't know any better. It's when the metal meets the meat that your limits count. You can hit the Dojo every day and spend hours on your disarming skills with plastic guns and rubber knives, but when a genuine trained bad man points a weapon at you 9 times out of 10 it's best to be a good witness. Unless you know, not just believe, but absolutely know what your real world skills are. A trained bad guy is not going to let you take anything from him without a fight to the death. Now the average thug on the street is probably over playing his hand and you may have a little leeway. The question is how do you know who is who? The one thing my life experience has left me with is no matter how good you are everyone can die. Every hand to hand master will have a bad day. Every gun fighter will catch a bullet and if your going to tangle with a blade be ready for a lot of blood yellow fatty tissue and razored muscle tissue and there are times you have to decide to either stop and hold your guts in or let them hang and continue the fight. Oh and that smell with a blade there is always that smell.

    My point to all this is train to the most realistic standard you can train to. I am lucky enough to have access to a kill house and simunition training arms and ammo. Save up the money and buy that stuff. Don't train with items that are not realistic. Paintball markers don't work like real guns. In high stress you will revert back to training.

    Little things make the difference like never letting your finger off the trigger just allowing the sere to reset and allowing no more travel.

    Remember running away is usually an option and probably your best one

    Slicing the pie when searching a building

    Instead of going to dinner use that money for range time and ammo

    Shooting is a perishable skill!!!!

    Keep your head on a swivel and be realistic.

    Ok so please forgive my rant but if one person took something from this then that's good I think.
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    I can't run, so it's fight, or die. And I won't fight fair.

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    I hope to make the fight as unfair as possible. I'm not very fast but certainly getting out of dodge is my #1 goal if at all realistic. Unless you are threatening my in my home, then I guess we will find out who wants it more and see just how unfair I can make it.
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