Belgian Pinfire Revolver ID help?

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  1. walldj45

    walldj45 New Member

    Sep 30, 2010
    I locally bought an old revolver. It appears to be a pinfire black powder revolver. It is single action only and appears to be ~45 caliber. The only markings are on the right side in front of the cylinder. They read this:

    It appears very similar to some Belgian french (Lefaucheux) pin-fires i see online. If anyone could provide help with Maker, value, age or rarity it would be helpful.
  2. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    http// This site , under the tittle Free extras, has a good section on Belgium makers. But, if that's all the information on the gun, then I'm afraid you may be lot of luck. These guns were made by the hundreds of thousand for sale across Europe and North and South America. Many guns were not made by a single maker but in partnership with another maker, one would make the barrel and frame, another small shop would make the internals. They also had co-ops. on large orders they would use dozens of cottage shops to fill the order. This one reason many Belgium firearms have no makers mark on them. Value, hard call, there are very devout collectors of these type firearms but the value is not high, just a WAG, maybe 200, time frame, maybe from the 1860's until the late 1800's. let me try and enter the site again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. lefaucheux 54

    lefaucheux 54 Member

    Sep 16, 2008
    SGDG means Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement ( without any garantie from the gouvernement ) it's French
    Can you make a GOOD picture of the proof mark on the cylinder .
    Anyway it's not a Lefaucheux revolver ..........

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