Belgium 32 auto Melior pistol

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    I purchased this pistol from a member of the 101st Airborne who took the pistol off of a german p.o.w. in the spring of 1945 in Germany. He provided me with his bring back paperwork with the pistol. The bluing is 98% with a very small amount of holster wear toward the end of the barrel. There are no marks or pitting of any kind on the metal. The plastic grips are free of any damage or wear.The pistol shoots well with no jamming.

    My research revealed that the Melior is a pre wwII comercial pistol made in Liege Belgium. Reportedly when the germans invaded Belgium, their soldiers helped themselves to the pistols at the factory as souveniers and backup pistols. By the time our soldiers encountered german p.o.w.'s, the pistols became Allied soldier's souveniers. My information comes from 2 websites: belge/artisans identifies q r/a robar gb.htm

    I am interested in the value of this pistol. I am including pictures of the pistol and paperwork. Thanks Jerry

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    It has the look of a "modernized" Ruby pistol, used by France during WWI. Lots of companies supplied them and I think that this might be one of them. It's worth is in it's provenance, being a captured WWII bring back. Probably not worth much as a collector pistol, maybe $200-300. TJ

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    As your research already has shown, it is indeed a
    Robar et Cie new model Melior. after WWII production resumed until the 1968, but the post war guns did not have the grip safety . Unfortunately the Belgium guns { other than the FN's } don't have the same allure that other war time firearms do. Shame because the Meliors were of good quality ( one version or the other was produced and imported into the US from the 1920's until 1968). Your pistol looks to be in beautiful condition and the capture papers adds proverdance.
    Because of the condition and the papers I think it would go for 4 to 5 hundred. That's just a guesstimate because frankly I've never seen one in that good of condition and with papers.:)
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    Hi, I've just joined the forum and put my question in the wrong place :eek:

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