Benchrest rimfire match by e-mail . . .

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    Joe Haller
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    Reply Benchrest rimfire match by e-mail . . .
    Anyone here interested in shooting in a rimfire match where scores are reported by e-mail?

    We have been running such a match for the past 18 months: One set of matches each month. 25 shots at 25 yards and/or 25 shots at 50 yards. Most of us shoot from benchrest over sandbags, but our rules allow any position. Shoot prone with a sling, over a log or over the hood of your pickup. Shoot standing if you want, but we won’t give you any handicap points just because you want to shoot that way.

    In fact it doesn’t matter if you are shooting a $150 Marlin or a $2000 Anschutz. We don’t classify by equipment. We give you a classification based on a combination of your rifle’s accuracy and your marksmanship skill: Like the NRA classification system, but we added three extra classes:
    Master, Expert, SharpShooter, Marksman, Hunter, Plinker and OrangeBlaster.

    Ask, and I'll tell you how that OrangeBlaster class got in their.

    We had 79 shooters from 24 different states in the August match. No entry fee and no awards. Just bragging rights for good scores, and a chance to "Climb the Class Ladder" as the months roll by.

    If anyone is interested, I will answer any of your questions here. If and when I have caught your interest, I will send you a copy of the rules and some graphics showing the target we use and instructions on how to score the target. It is the USBR target designed for 50 yard shooting with the rimfire. With a .100" ten ring it is a TOUGH target. So tough that we decided it is best to start new shooters out at 25 yards.

    Our matches are NOT sanctioned by USBR. Equipment classes based on the weight of the rifle are used by USBR. We have found that classes based on performance skills have attracted more shooters to our matches. We say: "Shoot what ya got". You don't need a $2000 match grade benchrest rifle to start out in these E-Mail Matches.

    Joe Haller - Rimfire E-Mail Match Coordinator
    [email protected]

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    Re: Benchrest rimfire match by e-mail . . .
    Joe, welcome to TFF. If you look at the post at the top of this page you will see that we are doing a postal match right now. Feel free to send your target in and see how you do.

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    Reply Re: Benchrest rimfire match by e-mail . . .
    Hello Mr. Haller, and welcome to the Firearms Forum. I hope you find our site as intertaining as we do
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    Reply Re: Benchrest rimfire match by e-mail . . .
    Hi Joe.......welcome to TFF!

    24 tens and one 9!

    Did I win?

    Joe Haller
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    Reply 24 10s and one 9. Yea! What will do it.
    That is what won at our local 25 yard match last Sunday. 12 year old kid beat all of us adults. 14 adults and one kid. The kid was my grandson. Here are the scores from the top 5 shooters at 25 yards. I was not in the top 5, but then I was shooting a CZ-452. Just could not keep up with those Winchesters or the Anschutz or the Kimber either.
    EXPERT Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 248-249
    249-10x Christopher Haller Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (Age 12)
    Winchester M-52C. Weaver 36X. Wolf Match Target.
    Short stock for short people. Chris shot this on the first relay when there was no wind. Chris only got a 247 on The 3rd relay when the wiind came up. Some day the kid will learn how to dope the wind.
    SHARPSHOOTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 245-247
    245-5x Larrie Hauswirth. Rudyard. Michigan
    Winchester M-75. BSA 24X. Wolf Match Target.
    Stock rifle. What a beautiful date! Lovely weather. great fun.
    MARKSMAN Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 235-244
    244-6x Scott Hauswirth Rudyard, Michigan
    Kimber M-82 US. Redfield 16X. Wolf Match Target.
    Scott sez he was using this wife's rest.
    [I think that was suppose to be his excuse for why his wife beat him.]

    242-4x Mike Sibbald. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
    Anschutz 1413. Lyman SuperTarget Spot 15X. Wolf Match Target.
    [Mike believes this old Anschutz needs a new barrel. He is thinking about sending it to Butch Hunisto for an new Lilja.]

    241-4x Dave Samp. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
    Winchester 52-C. Weaver 36X. Wolf Match Target.
    Note: To make the Master Class in these matches at 25 yards ya gota shoot a score of 250.
    At 50 yards a 240 will make you a Master. Same target: USBR target designed for 50 yards. The target has a 10 ring that is .100 inch in diameter. That's 1/10th inch.