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Just purchased a Benelli SBE II with rifled slug barrel for deer hunting. Shot a couple different brands of slugs through it. Hornady SSTs and Lightfields both grouped really well. The reason I bought the Benelli is because it has a faster twist barrel which can stabilize the lighter, faster SSTs. Planning to move away from the Lightfields which shot beautifully out of my 870 out to 100yrds. Found they dropped 36-40" @ 200 when zeroed at 100yrds. When I shot SSTs out of my 870 they grouped at about an inch at 50yrds, but I couldn't hit a paper plate at 100yrds??? Apparently the twist in my 870 barrel was too slow.

Anyway... the SST box has a ballistics chart on it. Says that if it's approximately +3" @ 100 yards it will hit -7 @ 200.

Well... I shot a couple really tight groups 2-3" high at 100. Then moved out to 200. Shot a respectful 4-5" group, but they impacted an average of 24" low.

Why would the box claim an approximate 7" drop, but I got a 24" drop? Would love to hear any input.
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