Benelli VS Baretta

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    I am wanting to get a new 12 ga. 3 1/2 autoloader 26 inch and have narrowed the choice down to the Benelli 3 1/2 super black eagle and a Baretta 3 1/2 Extrema. Any feedback on quality, reliability, durability? Also, in the back of my mind have also been interested in the Browning Staker and Winchester super x 2? I am not finding a lot of information on reviews or comparisons.

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    my opinion is BENELLI ALL THE WAY!

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    Re: Benelli VS Baretta
    I have shot all of them except the Beretta. The only Beretta I have shot has been the 391 3".

    Saying that, I would most definately pick the Beretta over the Benelli. I did not like the SBE much at all for the recoil.

    I love the Browning Gold 3 1/2. Just shot the heck out of one yesterday at clay pigeons it shot trap loads fine. The Winchester is pretty much the same as the Browning in looks,style and shootability.

    If it was me, I would go shoot the Beretta, the Browning, and the Winchester and buy the one that fits and feels the best.

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