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(8/31/02 9:32:19 am)
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I have a Beretta 626 Onyx (side by side) that I am considering selling. I've been searching the Internet to get an idea as to its value with no luck. There just aren't any of these things around. Mine has 26" barrels, single trigger and comes with 8 choke tubes. It is in excellent shape. There are no scrathces or dings in the stock. The receiver shows a little wear on the bottom where I carry it but even that is extremely minor. I only shoot it a few times a year.

What should I be asking for this gun? I would like opinions of both a retail value and the value if I sell it to a dealer.

Thanks in advance.
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(8/31/02 2:26:24 pm)
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Re: Beretta 626
Those guns are getting hard to find. A friend of mine here in Houston has one in his store, in similar condition, and is asking $1575. He would take $1400, I'm sure.

I'd be a buyer in the $1000-$1100 range.
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