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(7/21/02 7:38:50 am)
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Can anyone help me with instructions on how to remove the firing pin from the slide for cleaning. The firing pin stop/safety seems to be a bit sticky. I am thinking a good cleaning and lube will help trigger pull.


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(7/21/02 9:39:17 am)
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Re: Taurus/Barretta 92 disassembly
I am going to suggest just immersing the entire slide assembly in a cleaning tank (ultrasonic would be ideal), unless you are completely familiar with the operating theory of this pistol. Thre are various small rollpins and springs involved in disassembly of the slide, and they can be easily deformed or lost.
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(7/21/02 1:52:01 pm)
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Good idea! I was thinking that the adjustable sight may need removal (pinned) to get at something or other under it.
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