Beretta 92 Pistols Test Quiz Final Questions

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    I am semi-retired and I am taking a self-passed and self-taught Armorers course on Beretta 92 Pistols. I hope to become a part-time light Gunsmith in the future. There are over 60 quiz questions that cover this course. I have answered most of the required quiz questions but I am having some concerns related to some of the following quiz questions. Either I am not sure of the correct answer or I have received conflicting answers. This will be the last batch of questions that I am having conflicting problems with. Thanks for your help.

    Note #21. After firing the pistol, what returns the barrel and slide to their forward position?
    a) The hammer spring strut
    b) The locking block
    c) The recoil spring
    d) None of the above

    Note #24. The trigger bar spring should come out of the frame before or after the trigger bar itself?
    a) Before
    b) After

    Not # 25. The ejector is held in place by how many pins?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4

    Note #26. What locks the trigger pin in place?
    a) The trigger
    b) The trigger bar spring
    c) The slide stop spring
    d) The take down release spring

    Note #27. The ratio of the jump that is needed, from the end of the frame ramp to the beginning of the bottom (or start) of the barrel ramp (measured horizontally) compared to the distance from the end of the frame ramp to the bottom (or start) of the barrel ramp (measured vertically), is
    a) 2 to 1
    b) 1.5 to 1
    c) 2.5 to 1

    Note #30. When pulling the trigger to fire the gun in single action, what pulls the sear out of engagement with the hammer?
    a) The sear strut
    b) The slide catch
    c) The trigger bar
    d) The hammer bushing
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