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(12/26/01 9:44:21 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All M1 Garrand with Beretta receiver
Local gun store has a couple of these.Will these have more or less collector value compared to others?Quality looks good,any idea what would be a good price?

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(12/26/01 10:37:12 am)
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Here are the CMP prices. Gunshops are always higher.

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(12/26/01 10:42:00 am)
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Re: M1 Garrand with Beretta receiver
The Beretta Garands are current imports by an outfit called Reese Surplus in Illinois. The rifle is about 1/2" shorter than a US Garand, so several parts like the barrel, operating rod, stock and handguard will not interchange.

The quality is reported to be excellent although I have not had my hands on one. These rifles will not appreciate like genuine collector-grade US Garands. Expect to pay $1250-$1400 for the Beretta.
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