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Beretta PX4 Storm .40 S&W

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After doing some homework, I bought a used PX4 F model at a gunshow not long ago. I had to share that I am quite pleased with most everything about it. It fits very well in my hand (able to change out the back strap on the grip, full backstrap fits me best). The trigger is light, maybe 3-4 lbs. The trigger pull and cycle are smooth. Very tight and no rattle from the receiver when shaken. The barrel does shake some, but that is because the barrel is made to roll 90 degrees.
I did say "most everything". I am not satisfied with the sights. It is the standard Beretta 3-dot sight setup. However, compared to the 92, which I have been shooting for 18+ years, they seem too spaced out and not refined enough. I haven't checked into it yet, but am wondering if Beretta makes a smaller tighter sight setup I can replace the current one with.
Nonetheless, I'm quite satisfied with the product and what I paid for it. It has become my new in the closet by the bed, home defense weapon of choice. Anyone have a different point of view?
Unfortunately, it only came with one magazine. I have been all through the internet looking for a second. If anyone might have a lead on where I can get one (new or used, 14 or 17 round cap.), please share. Prices are ridiculous these days, but I am willing to go alittle beyond my comfort zone. For that matter, I'm also looking for a Sig Sauer Mosquito .22, 10 rd mag. Same applies.
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I love Beretta guns but have never owned the PX4. I cannot answer your question but a phone call to Beretta will probably get you an answer. is their website, phone number and email address is listed there.

I used to own one of the CX4 Storms in 9mm. That thing was a whole lot of fun to shoot, I had three or four 30 round magazines for it and it was a blast. That is another one of those "I wish I still had" guns. Good luck in getting the info and by the way welcome to TFF.
No they do not. The aftermarket night sights seem to be better about the excessive space but Beretta's wide rear is the only one they have.
I have the Beretta PX4 Storm subcompact, in 9mm. The gun has operated flawlessly. Beretta supplied two mags with the outfit. Good luck trying to find mags at this time. They are extremely difficult to come by in anything over 10 rounds. Keep searching the Internet sites. Good luck with the Beretta
Traded in a Beretta 96 brigadier 40 that I bought when I worked for a police agency. Long story short, traded it in for a PX4 Storm 40 that I thought had the dual/single action trigger....NOPE! got basically the same damn gun back thanks to the idiot dealer who sold me the wrong gun THEN wouldn't take it back minutes after I was home and saw he sold me the wrong one!!!:mad: He had 3 or 4 he was showing me on the counter and grabbed this one and wrote it up as I was looking around the store waiting for the insta-check to go through. So now I'm stuck with it until I can find someone who likes a dual action trigger only pistol. Its a sweet gun, much better feel than my old 96. Trigger is a bit lighter but still. Beretta does it right, I got a nice carrying case, cleaning kit, 2 14-round magazines and a couple different back straps with it. Its a sweet shooting pistol and has a lot less recoil then the 96 did (same ammo shot through both).
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