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Beretta Shotgun Information

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I own a Beretta 28 gage side by side and am trying to figure out what the stampings and marks are all about. The Monobloc has the following serial # C16230 and P. Beretta - Gardone V.T. on the top and on bottom PSF above a proof mark and Finito above what I believe is a Beretta proof mark. Forward of the trigger guard is Made - Italy/Monobloc Beretta. Right barrel top has Wilshire Gun House - Los Angeles. Side has Pietro - Beretta Gardone V.T./Cal 28. Bottom flat surface has 28/Choke PB Beretta. On the right barrel round round is 15.5/65, 14.3, 13.9.

Left barrel top has Alloy chromiun Compressed Steel/Special type titania. Side has Pietro Beretta Gardone V.T./Made in Italy. Left barrel bottom has Choke PB Beretta, PSF over proof mark and Finito over what I think is a Beretta proof mark. Forward of hinge block on round part of barell is 1.150, 14.3, and 13.5.

The overall lenght is 44 3/4 " and barrel lenght is 28 ".

I'm really interested in it's age and what the barrel chokes are, and what the three numbers on the barrel bottoms are.

Any information on this gun would be greatly appreciated as I believe this gun is one of a set of four purchased at the same time. I might have a lead on two of the remaining three.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Fritz,
We can't help you without pictures of the shotgun. Post some photos and we can all certainly help and will help. Take a pic of the entire shotgun from both sides, then take some close up pics of all markings. Post them here and one of us will certainly be able to give you a value. Several of us will certainly answer and, the consensus value will certainly be correct. Be aware though that the actual value will most certainly be close to double from what a pawn shop or dealer would give you.

Welcome to our forum. If you have any problems with posting photos, send me a personal message and I will guide you through the process. You have luckily stumbled upon the best firearms forum in the world. :)
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