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Bersa UC Pro 9mm

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I was so impressed with my wife's Bersa .380 I took a look at what the had in
9mm. I found th Ultrra Compact Pro. It fit my hand well so, after making sure I could get an IWB holster for it, I ordered it. After making sure it would be reliable
it became my daily carry weapon. Capacity 13+1 (10 rounder available fo Ca.).

The holster is a Crossbreed Quick Clip. It offers more carry options and has worked aout well for me.


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The bersa guns dont get the love they should in my opinion. They seem to always be dependable and accurate and well priced. My wifes 380 shoots straight even with a gutter sight. I ran 300 rounds thru it prior to giving it to her and I wouldnt hesitate to carry one for a bug.
I've owned a Bersa UC .45 and really was impressed with it. It's very reliable and accurate.
We've had a Thunder380 for about 6 or 7 years. It was in my wife's car when it was hit by a tornado. The car didn't make it, the Bersa did. I've heard their customer service is good, but in all these years, we've never had to use it.
My friend has both the 9mm and 380. They are very excellent guns. There is a video on You Tube where they shot 1500 rounds through a Bursa nonstop with out a mishap.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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