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(3/17/02 2:25:40 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Best bomber of WW1?
Personally my vote has to go with the British Handley Page 0/400. The 0/1500 would have come into its own, as would the Vickers Vimy had the war gone on. Italian Caproni and German Gotha bombers rank a close second. For a light day bomber, gotta go with the DH-4 as it could hold its own as a fighter in a pinch.

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Great post, jonkx, and apropos of nothing, I had a chance today at a Gun Show to buy a new Janes 'Fighting Aircraft of WWI" book for $22 and passed...still kicking myself...

The Handley Page had a long service life even after the war, showing it was a great design, but then could also be that nobody was spending much money developing new stuff anyway...after all, they had just fought "The War to end All Wars" hadn't they?

"Heavy" bombers were such a new toy that nobody really knew how to use, that it's dangerous to compare's difficult to look at them without "cheating" and taking knowledge of how bombing was used later on, especially in WWII and applying it to what they were trying to do in WWI...when NOBODY then really knew what to do with them, nobody had come up with the ideas of "strategic," "support,"or "tactical" bombing yet...

Outside of the Zeppelin raids, the raids by the brits on the Sub bases and Zeppelin sheds the Gotha raids on London, and some "concetrated" (by WWI standards, that meant more than one raid on the same target!) on some railway yards...there wasn't really that much "organized" bombing activity during the war...

And in fact, aircraft really played a minor role in the war in it's entirety, except for aerial observation, and the fighting in the air to deny that observation to the enemy. (Which explains why fighters were called "scouts...")

I personally think the low-level "ground attack" planes developed by the Germans towards the end, the Rumpler specifically, that had the armor plating, and everything from grenades, 20Lb handheld bombs, and even boxes of flechettes to drop on the trenches were the cutting edge...
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