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the real fredneck
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(7/16/02 1:12:30 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Best BP .50 inline ???
My B-I-L is fixing to buy a new smokepole what do y'all think is the best .50 inline for the money? he dosen't want to buy a name just for the sake of a name, looking to get the most value out of his $$

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(7/16/02 11:33:47 pm)
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Boy, Fred - That's a tough one!

Seems they're all pretty fair, anymore. Whatever he decides on, be sure it will accept the shotgun primer and can handle 150 gr of pyrodex pellets - that's pretty much what everyone's going to these days.

I'd say the Thompson Center Black Diamond, but that's only because I have one! The new model with the longer barrel they call the "extended range" is probably a better one than the one I have, tho. Just remember, getting one with the synthetic stock and loading it up with heavy loads is guaranteed to knock the snot out of a guy! I'd be more in favor of a good laminated wooden stock so's to add a little weight to it.
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(9/26/02 6:54:00 pm)
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IMHO, it's usually one someone else got at a better price than mine.

I bought my sone a Black Diamond .50 for Christmas last year. On Christmas day, right out of the box with pyrodex 80 grain loads and the bullets that came with it, we shot 6" groups offhand at 50 yards.

Why is he set on an inline? Only a few offer real weather protection and they are pricey. Sidelocks are just as accurate as most inline's - afterall, most of the accuracy is in the shooter and not the firearm.

Good Luck!
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