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Sorry, I had to get this out of my system, and I figured why not here.

For the past two weeks my oldest son (lives in VA) and I have been planning a get together. We have a traditional family party in CT each year and he figured to come out to WV on the way and spend a couple of days. He was going to bring me a new scale he bought for me, and I was going to show him my reloading outfit and how to use it. Then we were going to go to the range before heading out to CT.

Well, the storm that came up kind of put the kibosh on our plans. He had to go directly to CT pretty much. So on Friday I still have a vacation day and no oldest son to spend it with =/

However all is not lost. I have decided today that I will go out to the range anyway. I have a new red dot sight I need to sight in on my AR, and I printed out a couple of training targets to use with my 40 (the trigger pull on that Sigma sucks, but due to finances i will just have to learn to get over it). So even though it won't be the awesome day that I planned, hopefully it will be enough for the time being.

And yes, I am going to use that 40 ammo sparingly and make it count haha. Hope all yalls weekend plans go well
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