best pan fried venison in the world

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  1. mickeyb444

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    Dec 15, 2010
    If you can`t get family members to eat venison... TRY THIS :

    Cut about four pounds of prime venisin into small pieces.
    Use 3 iron frying pans.
    Heat pans over controlled heat .
    Start with butter and chopped onions in the pan , put venison in, brown until it is well seared, not burnt !.
    once it is brown take all the venison out of the pan and place in a colander,
    Now clean the pans with soap and water and dry.
    Start the process over with the butter and onions and put the meat back in the pan.
    This time add some water, note : from this point on do not let the pan go dry. Cook slowly for two hours, bringing the venison to a boil three times. Put lots and lots of butter in the pans with some water to keep the meat from burning .Once it is nearly cooked. Stop and remove all the meat from the pans again. Clean the pans again.
    Start with clena pans, put butter and onions in the pan and water and start the cooking process over. This the final and most crical step. You must keep a close watch on the meat at all times. Bring the venison to as boil again three times. It will evenually carmalize and is ready to eat.
    There is nothing like this .. anywhere. Use a younger deer or a doe. The better the meat you start with, the better the finished product.
    Serve with baked potato and green peas. Everyone will want more !
    Best wishes for a safe holiday.
    No matter what anyone says.. use lots of butter !
  2. redwing carson

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    Dec 11, 2010
    western wyoming
    Is this post about cooking deer meat or washing pots and pans:D Just kidd'in sounds like a good plan.


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