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Best Price for Tumbling Media

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I have seen many reloaders paying highly inflated prices for walnut tumbling media from places like Petsmart, big box sporting goods stores, eBay, and internet sites. Also, shipping costs as much or more than the media if you go mail order.

I recommend an internet search. Type in "abrasives" or "blasting media" followed by the city and state you live in. Look for wholesale/industrial suppliers rather than retailers as you avoid another middle man mark up. I did this and found 50 lb bags of walnut media for $16.50 in Tucson and $14 in Phoenix.

I'm trying to figure out what is the best grit size to use. Has anyone compared the various sizes to see what cleans best and avoids the problem of clogged primer pockets? Also, what additives are you using?
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Plain white rice.....$0.40/lb
I like the smaller walnut media, I bought my last one at harbor freight, 25# for $22 so not too aweful bad. most gun places want an arm and a leg for media.

16 bucks for a 50lb bag is even better!

I use dillon's case polish/media additive, it's purple and works fantastic, but again, a bit on the expensive side. one small bottle lasted me about 5 years though using it sparingly.
Plain white rice.....$0.40/lb
even cheaper. walmart has a 25# bag for? 32 cents a # i split some with the wife.

also.. harbor freight sells walnut blast media pretty cheap.

also.. you can buy cheap bulk kitty litter wheat or corn cob media .. no name brand.

I mix some real lyman media ( 17$ per 4# ouch ) with white rice and plain corn cob untreated media. last 2 batches now added in a lil nufinish car polish. is making soe real nice looking brass on the cheap..

I DO clean my brass afterwards with a warming US cleaner too.. then try on a dryer shoe rack in a disposable turkey roat foil pan lined with a soft towell or paper towels..
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