Best Stock for Sporterized Turk Mauser?

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    I just ordered a barreled action from Low Tech Gunsmithing ( It has a new 6.5x55 barrel, forged bolt handle, trued receiver, drilled & tapped, and completely re-blued. It cost me $230.00, which I figure isn't too bad, seeing that they supplied the action and I didn't have to worry about ordering a Turk and possibly getting a piece of junk to start with.

    I'll let you know how it all turns out, but until it arrives, I need to figure out what the best stock is to mount it in. I'd like a Mannlicher-style wood stock (I specified a 20" barrel length), but I don't seem to find many stockmakers that produce this least not for a reasonable price.

    If I have to compromise with a standard-length stock, I might go synthetic. Anyone know anything about Choate stocks? Any other suggestions?

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    I know that Midway has a large stock of stocks (that is a funny sounding statement) - they bought out a large stock manufacturer formerly located in Warsaw, Missouri, and have a large inventory of finished and partially finished wood stocks.
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