Best US Bolt action rifle

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    Reply Best US Bolt Action Rifle...
    I was looking to get a US Bolt Action mainly for Target shooting, so pretty much want the most accurate one!

    i was thinkin a Springfield or a Enfield...

    also please indicate the excat model that you suggest!

    thank you,

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    Are you looking to build a rifle on a U.S. action, or buy a target rifle?

    As to the actions, both the M1903 Springfield and M1917 Enfield actions are smooth and strong and would be a nice action for a target rifle.

    As for a complete M1903 or M1917.....the military never built any target rifles with the Enfield as a basis. They did make some target versions of the M1903.....but unless you're will to look for a long, long time, and then take out a second mortgage to buy it when you find it, forget it.

    There is another option: During Vietnam, the Marine Corps snipers used a pretty-much "off-the-shelf" Remington Model 700/40X with a Redfield 3-9x Scope.

    Here's what Remington currently offers:

    .....and Winchester:

    ...and a lot of people think the Savage gives a lot of accuracy for the dollar:

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    I am not really a fan of either Remington, Winchester or Savage... i just wanted a Fun, Accurate, US bolt action rifle, and yes i wanted a complete firearm, unless it would be worth it to make my own, what are the pros and cons of making my own?