Beware of (GB's escrow service)

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    GB recommends as an escrow service to act as intermediary on deals between skittish participants. Escrow services have their purpose and I have used other companies (as a buyer) successfully in the past. I made a sale via GB with a buyer who wanted the security of the escrow service so I decided to use Huge error!

    For those not familiar with online escrow services, the buyer fills out a form and sends the funds to the escrow service. The service notifies the seller that they are in receipt of the funds, so the seller sends the merchandise to the buyer. Once the buyer has the merchandise, he has X amount of time to notify the escrow service that all is well, then the service sends the seller the money. They charge a fee which is generally passed on to the buyer. This is sort of like a third-party enforced inspection period. I have no big problem with the concept.

    Anyway, SafeBuyer advertises that they allow the buyer 24 hours after delivery confirmation to notify them of a problem. If the buyer tells SafeBuyer that all is well, or if they dont notify SafeBuyer at all, SafeBuyer is supposed to send out a check.

    OK, the deal is made, the buyer sends the money to SafeBuyer, they email me, I send the rifle. Then nothing. I check with the buyer, he's happy. I contact SafeBuyer, the check's in the mail. Never comes. For almost three weeks I get the runaround. They are in Pittsburgh, I am in Houston. I get the Better Business Bureau in Pittsburgh involved, lo and behold I get a check.

    I dont know what happened, but I get the distinct feeling that this is a fly-by-night outfit that had to get more money in before they could pay me. Can't hardly get them on the phone, when they answer it's "Hello?" Only seems to be one person there, she says the "company" is owned by two lawyers. I dont know if that was to scare me into shutting up or what, but it just pissed me off worse.

    I posted all this on GB, but the thread poofed. Go figure.

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    Hey Dr., Now that we have instances of unilateral decission making on GB's part I would wonder if anyone is interested in finding out if what decissions they are making falls under any Federal or State stautes.

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    I cant imagine what statutes those would be.

    GB is a private enterprise. They host their boards at their own expense and have the right (as they should) to moderate and edit those boards as they see fit. I dont agree with the manner in which they edit, but I understand why.

    Now, as far as policing the transactions, GB is upfront about stating they can do little if anything to force a bidder or seller to comply with the "contract." I can understand how they would be reluctant to ban sellers without absolute proof of intentional wrongdoing but there also needs to be a means of doing just that once that intent has been established. Ideally, GB staff would monitor the feedback on its members and investigate those who accumulate multiple unsatisfactory ratings. If it becomes apparent that something wrong is afoot, steps could be taken then. Now, I dont know GB's staffing situation but that would be pretty time-consuming. They might at least be able to do some type of investigation on a consumer complaint, received through proper channels. Ebay does it. Those proper channels would NOT, however, be on the public forums if it were my business.

    Perhaps GB should look into a more formalized complaint system to allow for private communication between the complainant and the complainee, with GB as a moderator. At minimum, this would give GB an idea where the problems lie.

    In the meantime, caveat emptor is still the most applicable policy.

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    But in their monthly billing statement(mine is usually always
    3 figures) GB always mentions that they will not accept Paypal as They(GB) had a bad experience with them, go figure.