Beware the Robo deer..... no kidding....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    Reply Beware the Robo deer..... no kidding....
    From the CNN Website. They have some of the most interesting stories......

    Saturday, December 28, 2002 Posted: 11:56 PM EST (0456 GMT)

    Would-be poachers have not been kind to Robo Deer -- they have shot at it, tackled it and even tried to knife it.

    PANAMA CITY, Florida (AP) -- Tales of Rudolph of red-nose fame, Dasher, Prancer and Santa's other tiny reindeer dominate at Christmas time, but have you heard of the strangest deer of all?

    He's Robo Deer. The mechanical decoy helps Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers nab poachers and deter the illegal shooting of Rudolph's real-life cousins at night and from vehicles.

    The stories of his exploits have multiplied since 1995 when the agency began using the devices. Robo Deer follows in the hoof-steps of a couple less realistic versions. The first was a cardboard cutout with some burlap on it.

    "It was worth maybe $2," commission Lt. Stan Kirkland said. "It was amazing how many people shot at it."

    Next was a deer replica similar to those archers can buy as practice targets, but it had no moving parts.

    Then came Robo Deer, which can turn its head and twitch its tail. The stories quickly followed.

    "We had an officer report there was someone in a truck watching the replica," Kirkland said. "He took a long gaze and then floorboarded his vehicle. He ran through these pines and oaks, ran over the decoy, and destroyed it."

    The motorist had to buy the state a replacement.

    Another driver just missed running over it.

    "Then the guy all of the sudden slammed on the brakes, vaults out of the truck, takes out a big sheath knife, tackles it, and knocks it to the ground," Kirkland said. "The head rolls off."

    The man got up mumbling about game officers and drove off. No arrest was made because there's nothing illegal about tackling a deer.

    Another man saw the deer and stopped his truck, got out and crawled on his belly across a ditch filled with water to within 20 feet.

    "You'd think by now he'd get the message when this thing doesn't run that it's not real," Kirkland said. "He reaches back into his pocket, whips out this little pistol you couldn't kill a snake with, and plinks away at the decoy."

    As the arrests grew, so did the legend. Officers get calls from people claiming they spotted Robo Deer, much like Elvis, in places he's never been.

    "A lot of them want us to know we didn't fool them," Kirkland said. "Then they want to know how we're able to get him to jump fences. That's when we just grin and bear it and say 'It's a secret, and we can't discuss that.' "

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    Reply Re: Beware the Robo deer..... no kidding....
    What next, the street corner robo hooker???

    Sheesh, GG

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    Reply Re:
    Them what dances has got ta expect pay thu fiddler.

    Poachers? Yeah, I'll turn 'em in myself.

    Somebody here don't like that?

    Well, just you spit across this here line.




    ND bends over and wipes thu tobakky juice off his white penny loafers with his hanky an' says in a soft voice,

    "Well, anyhow, ya'll all ought not to shoot the critters illegally"

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    Reply Florida
    Try to remember that these are the same idiots who couldn't figure out how to vote, not only in the Presidential election of 2000 but in the Demoncratic primary for Govenor. It's no wonder they will shoot a fake deer. Must be something in the water in Floriduh.

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    Re: Florida
    No I don't think it's something in the water.

    You get a bunch of urbanites who are not around wildlife that often and viola they go nutso.

    Seen the same thing happen here with just plain decoys - boy do we get a laugh at some of the things people will do.

    I definitely like the tackling story though - that should take 1st prize!

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    Re: Florida
    Those things have been used for 10 years or more in SD for catching poachers.
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    Reply Re: Florida
    They use them here too. I hear stories all the time of people getting busted. I think it's funny. I've saw a robo deer up close. It's pretty sad that so many people shoot at it.

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    Re: Florida
    It really takes an idiot not to be able to tell the difference between a decoy (including a robo decoy) and the real thing. Our DNR uses them too, and I've been able to spot it twice in the last four years. I've also spotted their robo turkeys too. I havn't seen (but I know they have) their bionic bear yet. I'm not the sharpest knife in the sheath, but I DO know the difference between real(live) and fake(dead) animals

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    Reply Re: Beware the Robo deer..... no kidding....
    Hey, some believe the Soprano's are real too !


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    Reply | Edit Re: Beware the Robo deer..... no kidding....
    I wonder if anyone has used the defense of "I knew it was a robo-deer, so you can't get me on poaching." After all, it's not poaching unless you're shooting at a live animal. Right? Seems to me that a lawyer with half a brain could get a jury to laugh this one out of court.
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    Reply Re: Beware the Robo deer..... no kidding....
    I think I may have seen one today. I was traveling on I-95 just south of Edgewater when I spotted a 4 point buck standing on the side of the highway in broad daylight. At first I thought it was real, but something didnt look right. Now, I was going 75 mph and didnt have alot of time to look. After more thought, I couldnt come up with a good reason why they would place a robo-deer in such a location but who knows? There are alot of crazies down here who would probably stop and take a shot at it.
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