Beyond Valor

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    Just finished reading the new book "Beyond Valor." It is a compilation of personal "E-histories" of WWII Airborne and Ranger veterans from since 1995.

    I HIGHLY recommend it.

    While I like "personal" account books, most are not really well done, only as good as the interviewer. And the facts get scrambled easily. This author does a fine job letting them talk, with a factual historical intro to each one.

    This is the first one done from postings to a website, that the author then developed into e-mail interviews.

    The vets poured out their souls when typing, better than orally, I think...

    Some of the accounts breathtaking, the one where a sergeant is pinned in a foxhole for over 12 hours by artillery and then has to help repel a company-sized attack on Hill 400 in the Huertgen with 8 other men, and with shitty pants really hits home, could be the best battle account I've ever read.

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