BG's day at the range!

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    A beautiful day! So, I went to my buds ranch to shoot my new (AntiqueDr. custom made .920" 10/22, that you all have all already heard about.) Had hell sighting in the scope. Took a half a brick of El Cheap-o 22LR. but, once sighted in at 50 yards. I forgot about shooting at the X-ring and started shooting the push tacks that you would use on a cork board. not bragging on the shooter, but bragging on the gun, one shot each on each push tack (4 push tacks) rendered the target to the wind. All rounds fired (no matter where they scopped out at) were all touching, no fliers, this is the most deadly 22 I have ever seen. Hell, I may become a snipper!
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    Good shootin' ol' man! not braggin on the man. Man has gotta know when to squeeze the trigger, don' t he? I have developed a competition shooting system for the 10/22, I will bring to Texas in the spring. Maaybe my project will be done by then.