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ok.. so looks like the 45-70 double rifle I got is the biakal? mp221

I went looking for ammo today and find 2 types I can buy locally

remington express rifle yellow/green box in a 3?? and 405 gr flat nose semi jacketed slug, says safe for use in all rifles.

and a winchester super x cowboy action 45-70 in 405gr lead flat nose

I see on the side of the BBLs on the gun is says safe for 2200bar or ? 31900 HST ( psi? )

are both of these ammo fine.. I'm guessing yes on the remington.

i tried to find actual manufacurer data but couldn't.. did find some out of stock listings on midway..e tc.

any info is appreciated.


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Look for the Hornady "Leverlution" load, since primative weapon season has ended the big box stores should be restocked. I would assume that the Baikal rifle is typical russian "strong as a bear" construction and should be safe for any modern commercial load.

Hornady ammo has a good reputation for both accuracy and quality.

There are three levels of loads for the 45-70.

Trapdoor loads: These are low pressure rounds specifically made for the Springfield Trapdoor rifle.

Lever Action loads: These can be used in Lever action rifles that are in good working condition.

Single shot loads: These loads are for guns like yours and Ruger No.1 rifles. They are the highest power loads and should NEVER be fired in Lever guns or the Trapdoor rifles.

Your gun is of new manufacture and made by a quality company. You should not have any problems shooting any 45-70 load you find in the store.
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