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(6/21/01 11:09:56 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All BidPay online auction payment service - big whopping F!
Was investigating alternative immediate pay methods to PayPal, thought I'd give BidPay a look. Backed by Western Union.

Cruised their Seller's FAQ and found this:

Q. I need to make sure which items YOU would consider not approving. Do you have any criteria when it comes to merchandise or are there some products that are deemed illegal to approve.

A. Because of various state and international laws there are some items that BidPay can not and will not deal with and the most obvious are guns, ammunition, drugs, any other illegal substances and we also will not deal with counterfeit software and certain items such as reprogrammed H-Cards, Cable converted boxes and related items. In such rare cases where we have to decline an order, we always suggest to the buyer that it is certainly their right to continue with this purchase and we always suggest to them that they contact the seller directly.

So I'm a drug dealer? BidPay AND Western Union can kiss my South Texas @ss!!

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(6/21/01 11:24:49 pm)
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Re: BidPay online auction payment service - big whopping F!
Both companies are BUTT PUPPETS!
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(6/22/01 11:30:38 am)
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.....I notice a comma placed within that statement infering guns and ammo are illegal....I must turn myself in and do the time......see ya`ll in 10 ta 20. You will also find a reference like this hidden in Pay-Pal also....this is so if you have a complaint.....they can wash their hands and leave you high and dry.......Lovely companies, that so many support. Just like those two escrow services that ********* claims will save you from a bad purchase and if you don`t use them, you deserve to be ripped off.....cause you were warned. LTS
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