Bill O'Reilly: War and Obama

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    War and Obama
    by Bill O'Reilly

    Posted: 06/07/2008

    Cutting through all the fog, there are two primary reasons behind Barack Obama's stunning victory over the Clinton machine: authenticity and the war in Iraq.

    As amply demonstrated, there is simply no comparison between Obama and Hillary Clinton as far as public speaking is concerned. He is eloquent and natural, talking directly to the folks. She is more stilted and rehearsed, talking at the listener. Sen. Clinton comes across as the typical politician, while Sen. Obama seems like a genuine human being.

    He also outflanked her on the Iraq war. In the beginning of the campaign, Obama bolted from the starting gate flashing his anti-war cred. From the jump, he had been against the action. And now he was the guy who would pull the USA out of the Iraq swamp.

    Clinton was immediately put on the defensive, as she initially supported the use of force to remove Saddam Hussein. Also, her entire outlook on confronting Islamic fascism was far too bullish for far-left America. So the Net roots, as they call themselves, flocked to Obama and provided him with vast amounts of money via the Internet. By the time Hillary rallied Democratic moderates, it was too late.

    Now Obama has achieved the nomination, but his winning primary strategy on Iraq could come back to haunt him in the general election, when the far left becomes rather insignificant. Already John McCain is painting Obama as a terror appeaser who would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq.

    And McCain has some heavy ammunition to back up his attack. In May, American casualties were the lowest since the Iraq war began in 2003. In addition, Iraqi oil production is now at its highest level since Saddam fell. Even the liberal Reuters news agency calls the current situation in Iraq a "dramatic turnabout."

    Of course, you won't hear much about that in the American press, as the liberal media have much invested in a U.S. defeat in Iraq. But there is no question that the war there can now be won. It's not a lock, but it's certainly a possibility.

    McCain must make the case that a victory in Iraq, which means the country stabilizes and becomes an ally against Islamic terror and Iran, means a much more secure United States. For the past few weeks, McCain has been spotlighting Iran's villainy; pointing out its support of terror groups like Hezbollah and its outright killing of our forces in Iraq.

    Quietly, McCain is setting Obama up for a hard right to the jaw. If the U.S. pulls out of Iraq too quickly, the pressure on Iran immediately lightens and the potential for aggression by the bitterly anti-Jewish and anti-American Mullahs rises dramatically. Does Obama understand that? Does it matter to him? McCain will confront his young challenger with those questions.

    Obama's advisers know the Iraq scenario is changing fast. They also understand that the media will ignore the good news for as long as it can. But word will get out and, after years of frustration, Americans could be staring at a success story after all.
    Not good news for Obama.
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    Jun 5, 2008
    Bill O'Reilly in my opinion is spot on with his assessment of Obama's lack of understanding with the war in Iraq. But at the same time I feel we will never have true success in Iraq. Their idea of Democracy would never be on par with what we view, Sharia law will prevail with the Muslim government and they will still be barbaric in their treatment of so called ungodly sinners. Women will still be stoned to death, people will still have limbs chopped off for various reasons like stealing. So when Bill says we could have success in Iraq, by who's barometer or measuring stick would it be viewed by.

    Bill is right as to how Barack handles his choice of words as to how and when we should leave. If he (Obama) wants to hat-up and leave things unfinished in his campaign for President, he might as well hat-up himself and leave Washington, because he will never win with that liberal mentality.

    Time will tell as to Obama's success, so keep a watchful eye and the right will prevail.
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    Thank you dcd for posting the above. The politics of any country not your own is hard enough to follow, but from what I see the US is at a dangerous crossroads.
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  4. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, Tranter. :D I seriously doubt many here in the States have much of an understanding of British parliamentary politics either! ;) But yes, you are quite correct. We do indeed face a major crossroads in the upcoming election. Does the US remain the nation it was founded to be, or will it turn sharply toward the left and embrace socialism?
  5. TranterUK

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    It you do, it will be a new beginning sure enough. The beginning of the end. :(

    Deep breath,
    Take it from someone who has lived under a left wing government for many years. We have more CCTV cameras than any other country and now they want biometric ID cards for all. Our taxes have gone up to ridiculous levels to support the 'hand it out to anyone' state. Our rights and freedoms have been eroded. As this is a firearms forum lets look at firearms, first we had self loading rifles banned, then handguns and recently blank firers and BB guns, yes BB guns. Our home secretary recently said she was going to ban deactivated collector weapons.

    To listen to our ministers is to listen to school teachers, and very poor ones who seem prepared to do what ever it takes, to remain popular and look good. Where are the men and women of courage and conviction, the Churchill's and the Thatchers.

    I wont pretend to understand your politics so forgive me if I am 'off base' but I remember a politician from history who was a great orator, someone popular with the people. He was viewed as dangerous but controllable once in power. He was not, and as a consequence we got WW2. :mad:

    Be careful what you wish for America.
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    Obama's economic plans are worrisome enough...really quite socialist to be honest. He is more liberal than the guy in the Senate who calls himself a socialist. Frightening!

    What scares me the most, is his foreign policy. He says that we should hold unconditional talks with Iran, which is literally retarded in itself, but I or anyone else could go on for hours about that, but he then says that he would not talk to Hamas until they denounce terrorism and recognize Israel's right to exist. Wow...Iran doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist, or even our's for that matter, as Ahmedinajad(SP?) recently said he's counting down the days until the United States' and Israel's destruction. And, Iran supports Hamas, Hezbollah and insurgents in Iraq. Furthermore, Hamas is just as legitimate as Iran(in Obama's rationale, if his positions were consistant), as Hamas was voted into gov't in Palestine as a political party, so why make the distinction between supporters of terrorism and terrorists? It doesn't work. He and the United States would be in for a shock if he became president. His foreign policy would become a laughing stock.
    How about Jimmy Carter, the most failed president in American history? Yep, Obama's stances on a lot of issues seem all to similar.
    And by the way, Obama will not win, so I wouldn't worry about this too much anyway. I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of all his supporters who are so closed-minded that think he's got it in the bag, when he loses. McCain is the best competitor who came out of the republicans, although I was a Romney fan and worked on his campaign. McCain will destroy Obama in debates, which is why the Obama camp isn't too excited about McCain's invitation to doing 1 on 1 town hall style debates. There are a lot of naive people who will vote for Obama, but once people listen to the issues, the moderates will find that Obama is off the reservation and McCain might as well be an independant, so he will attract the mainstream voters.
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