Binghamton Standoff

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    The psycho at the Binghamton shooting was wearing body armor.

    We've talked a bit on this subject before: a threat with armor.

    Among the good reason to carry a concealed weapon, like protection of predators/violent theft/assault, I believe most of us have considered also considered protecting our self and family from a random shooting spree (Luby's massacre type, Killeen TX) or robbery gone wrong situation.

    Now, I've said this before. Body armor becoming more and more available is going to change firearms. As newer and better armor becomes common, the older stuff hits the streets all over the planet. Firearms/ammunition will eventually be adapted to this factor. First with military (already happening in most modern nations) then with police and finally for civilians.

    In the meantime your CCW holder has the same old technology from before body armor was common. This fact will require a change in tactics, techniques, and procedures.

    Just thinking out loud.