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    Feb 2, 2011
    *EDIT* ~~ I found my answers (for the most part) here --->>> ~~~ & here --->>>

    Hey all...this is sort of indirectly related to firearms, but I have inherited a pair of "Mason", 16X50 binocs...does anyone know if they're any good? Is that a pretty good strength (16X50), please?

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    PS ~ underneath the 16X50 power designation, it says: "183 ft. @ 1000 yards" - does that mean they make 1000 yards away look like only 183 feet away, please?
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    power is 16 , objective size is 50mm larger the more light is allowed in. For my general hunting i use a set of Minox german made 8 x 33
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    The 183 ft @1000 yds means that the field of view is 183 ft @1000yds. In other words it's the width of area you will see when focusing at a point 1000 yds away.

    That's some pretty powerful binoculars. I can't say how good they are though. I've never heard of the brand. Try them out and see how good they look to you.
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    I don't know if Mason binocs are still made. They were an 'off' brand
    and seems to me I only saw them in the late '80s.
    Good thing is, they were made in Japan. Worlds Fair optics awards
    were held by Germany for a century(?) until Japan took them by storm.
    The power 16 can be deceiving if you don't have the clarity.
    Just like camera lenses, you have an array of quality. All are not created equal,
    but most are pretty good these days, unless you are Ansel Adams.
    FYI-remember to focus the eyepiece first before focusing the range.
    50mm will let in a lot of light-16X will bring you really close. They sound nice,
    and if you don't want them, you can donate them to me. JK.
    If you need to have perfect clarity at long distances, you should have an expensive spotting scope[$2000-$3000] if you don't have a 'pair' of the new military binocs that will see thru fog, smoke,etc, at night, for 8 miles ($100,000 thank you taxpayers).
    For most of us, what you have are probably comparable to what we use. I have binocs all over the place, most of them are $30-$50 ones, and they get used regularly. It is rare I get out a $500 pair or a $2500 scope.
    Are the (50mm) lenses coated ? What color coating ?
    Also, never wipe the coated lenses with a rag, you will wear off the coating. Use a camera brush and/or a lens cloth and be gentle.
    But you prolly already know all this.........
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    183 feet at 1000 yds means that everything seems to shake when looking thru them.