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    Hey Bud, I've been reading up on the Ruger 10-22's and have been asking alot of questions. I've got my Green Mountain 18" heavy barrel from "Whiteface Mountain". While ordering it, the fellow invited me over to "". Those guys over there that take their 10-22's very seriously.
    I'm now waiting on my "Blaster Stock" from BoydBoys. As soon as I can get the rest of the stuff, Shooter45 (Bless his heart) is going to put it together and do the final touches to it.
    I'm looking forward to the opportunity for us all to meet so we can do some serious shootin'.

    p.s. BG, how do you like your BSA scope?

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    Ziggy, I just remounted the BSA. I haven't sighted it in yet. I put it on the new Remington .17 BDL. I went to the range today with a $15.00 Tasco Blazer scope mounted. Had Hell sighting it in, took a half a brick. Then I forgot about the X-ring and shot all 4 push tacks in 4 shots. The target went to the wind. I came home took the BSA off the .17 and will go back to the range tomorrow to sight in the BSA, This is one deadly weapon. Going for 100 yards tomorrow. All rounds touched, tightest group I ever shot. Shooting El Cheap-o Ammo. Man We got to get together to shoot dimes.
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    I'm all for it BG.