Blackhawk Loading Gate Problem

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    New guy here. Great forum!
    My problem is with a Ruger Blackhawk chambered for .30 M1 Carbine. It's one of the older style that has a half-cock position on the hammer for loading and unloading.
    Every second or third shot or so, the loading door flops partway open. When this happens, one of the spent casings will recoil backwards and prevent the chamber from turning. I've gotten in the habit of being certain that it's closed after every shot.
    Is there some way that I can increase the tension on the (spring?) that holds the loading door shut? I am confident that I can fix this myself, I have plenty of tools and I'm good at taking things apart. I just need to know where to look. Thanks.


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    Hi Moose......welcome to TFF.

    Don't know if your Blackhawk is the same as the 44 Mag. variety, but here's an exploded view of that one.

    If it is the same, looks like you could spread the spring (#33 Gate Detent Plunger Spring) to increase the tension.....or find another, stronger, spring to replace it.

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    Re: Ruger Blackhawk problem
    I haven't had one apart but I would think there is a detent spring that pushes a detent plunger against the loading door to keep it in place. If you want to fix it yourself you will have to tear it down and order the parts for it.

    Ruger will fix it for free for you if you send it to them.

    Welcome to TFF

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    The part is available from Ruger or

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    Ok, this looks like somthing I can do.
    Thanks for the help. I'll post back if I run into any problems.


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    Welcome to the board, Moose Shooter - hope you find the info useful and that you will view the many forum here on the board, joining in whenever the mood strikes you.

    BTW - the above info is all good stuff. Brownell's has strictly retail prices, unless you're an FFL holder, but they normally have whatever it is you need and has great shipping.
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    Your problem probably stems from a weak or broken loading gate detent spring. It very well could also be the loading gate, the detent, or the spring.

    Is it possible that is was assembled wrong in the past?

    First thing you do is check to ensure it is unloaded. Follow the directions in the manual for removing the grip frame (free from Ruger). You should not need to remove the three screws on the side of the cylinder frame.

    The grip frame holds the loading gate detent and spring in place on new models. ON OLD MODELS look for a small screw on the bottom of the cylinder frame, same side as the loading gate. If you unscrew and wiggle the spring and detent out, the loading gate should slide out, IF THIS IS AN OLD MODEL (3-Screw). If this is a new model, sorry for the weak brain, I can't remember if you have to remove the hammer and trigger pivot pins, but the spring is not captured on new models and is often bent on reassemble.

    Check the loading gate, where the detent rides. Check the detent and the spring. Check for burrs, cracks, dents, worn spots, broken coils...

    The detent and sping (parts 32 and 33 on the drawing)are cheap parts. The loading gate is a little more, but still low cost.

    Good luck. Email me if you have real problems.
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    Hey Moose, try calling Ruger and explain the situation. I bought a used Blackhawk a few years ago that the base pin would walk out on as I shot it. Gave 'em a call and the sent me a brand new base pin as well as the retaining pin and spring. Free of charge. Great people there at Ruger.