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(1/28/03 10:14:21 am)
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I was at the battle of the bulge reactment at Fort Indian Town gap PA, last Saturday. I got to fire a 45ACP grease gun and a Browning .50cal. machine gun. Blank firing of cores. The blank cartages where crimped like a little shotgun shells. The machine guns had restricters in the barrels to build back pressure and also provide head space for the blank carteges. It never dawned on me to ask there, but where do you get the crimping die to make these.

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(1/29/03 10:00:26 am)
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Re: Blanks
I can't help you. I never thought about it. I thougth they bought them that way. If blanks can be made with that crimping die the guys who hang out in the reloading forum might know.
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