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Hello R93 users.
I have had my R93 LRS2 in 223 and 22-250 and I agree with all that has been said of the rifle.
I own or have owned and shot a lot of them in my 60 years of hunting and shooting and this is without a doubt the finest out of the box shooter that I have ever owned.
I no longer shoot competition, but spend my time in the field shooting prairie dogs. One wonders whether there is a difference in shooting at paper or at live targets but the end result is to place every shot as precise as possible. The difference in shooting live targets being that every shot is at a different angle or distance.
I never shoot under 200 yards and normally do not attempt beyond 400. (Using the Laser range finder for distance measurements)
Over time, I have found the projectiles that my barrels like best and matched them with loads that perform the same with every trigger pull.
I suspect if there is any significant difference in the two disciplines it would be in the trigger action. competition shooting it seems to me would make the shooter much more cognizant of the weight and break of his/her trigger, more so than with live action targets. I have no data other than seat of the pants and years of personal trigger time to base that opinion so it is worth very little from a "factual" standpoint.

But as for selection of rifles and given a choice of any rifle that I want to use, I would once again make the same selection and it would be with the same barrels and bolts. I am considering the addition of the 6.5X55 barrel for long distance, low recoil accuracy and it appears by already having the large bolt for the 22-250, that I can do so and only have the added expense of the scope mounts and a new NightForce 12X42 scope.
Heretofore I use exclusively the Leupold, tacticals in 8.5 X 28 and I love them for my current uses.

Please let us know how you decide and once you have an opportunity to use the rifle of choice, how you feel.

Stay safe, friends.

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