Bob Carr receives visit from Clinton official

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    ONE of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's senior officials has flown to Australia to meet with newly appointed foreign minister Bob Carr.
    Kurt Campbell, the US assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, travelled to Australia as "part of our ongoing consultations with our close ally", the State Department said in a statement overnight.

    "While there, he will meet with Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Defence Minister Stephen Smith and other senior Australian officials," the State Department announced.

    Mr Campbell will return to the US on Friday.

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    Bob carr was the former State premier who sold off state assets to Maquarie bank and other George Soros groups for 10 cents on the dollar value then retired and got jobs with these groups for multi million dollar a year packages

    and was the basis for the Aussie term "you been carred "

    to be carred means someone profiting from your misfortune

    a employee who is asked to train a new migrant worker , only to then be fired and have the migrant worker replace them , is "carred"

    the government say's to the farmer , sorry but your land cant be used for farming any more , and you must sell to the government ( cheap) .. then later that land is sold to a big overseas developer for millions and they resell the blocks of land at huge profits , the farmer has been carred ...

    so what does Hillary want ?? lessons ??
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    First bHO, now her. Watch out, jack.
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